A letter from our President and Owner

03 April 2020

Dear Valued Customers,

As you can imagine things are changing by the day here in Europe, but we all hope that the rate of new infections is now slowing.  I think it is important to note that as things stand, IMS has clearance in the US to continue operations and are therefore able to ship as frequently as we are able.  Schedules have been severely disrupted but several airlines are still operating with limited services.  Costs have risen dramatically, but for now, we are trying our best to bring solutions to the table that resist rate increases to our customers.  Our agents in Europe and our postal partners are still operating and thus the movement of mail items is still continuing as best to be expected.

Mail deliveries in Europe are currently remarkably normal, but we do expect some regional disruptions.  Of course everyone is aware that Italy and Spain are severely disrupted but some mail is getting through, albeit more slowly.

Many countries have limited automation and rely heavily on manual processes.  Here we can expect severe delays and bottlenecks will inevitably form.  Word from our European postal partners is that they are still shipping to all destinations, but we should expect a wide range of service standards, outside the normal delivery you are used to.

My own view is that we should continue to ship until we are told we can’t, as it gives us the opportunity to enter the local systems before anything that is held in the US.  By holding your mail at our European postal partner facilities, it will be positioned to enter global distribution streams as soon as any further lock downs are lifted.  If we hold material in the US it will surely join a major log jam when time comes to re-start the process. This is of course a constantly moving picture which requires constant surveillance.

We will keep you updated with changes around the world as they occur.  Thank you for your continued business and support.

Be well, and stay safe.


Michael Noonan


International Mailing Solutions

International Transport Solutions