IMS: International Mailing Solutions

Company overview

IMS specializes in the transportation and distribution of publications and direct mail worldwide.

We work with many postal administrations around the world in combination with our independent distribution network. Our cost-effective solutions enhance your business because we ensure the delivery of your printed materials on time, within budget and in excellent condition.

IMS prides itself on the individual attention given to each of our clients. We not only service our clients, we create partnerships.

The IMS management approach is to be “customer centric”. This means that we approach each customer differently and no two transportation solutions we offer are the same. All of our services are custom designed to offer our clients the best service for the best price based on their unique mailing profile. If there is a particular routing or upgrade in service that you would like, we will accommodate your needs.

Our logistics solutions involve a variety of distribution methods from hand delivery, direct postal injection, courier delivery and remail. IMS committed to developing our IT solutions and our operations processing, to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Founded in 1998, International Mailing Solutions has grown to include 2 additional companies; International Transport Solutions (ITS) and 3P Software.

IMS operates all processing, distribution, and export from our distribution center located at:
3390 Rand Rd, South Plainfield, NJ.