IMS US Domestic Flats Mailing Services

IMS Domestic Flats Mailing Services provide a cost-effective alternative to USPS first class mail with comparable transit times.

If you have domestic “flat mail” or “flat size mail” requiring transit times similar to USPS first class, but you don’t want to pay first class postage costs, then IMS Domestic Flats Mailing Services are your best choice. IMS uses its operational network to expedite the mail to the U.S. Postal Service facility nearest the final destination.

Our Domestic Flats Mailing Service requires no sorting or preparation of the material on your part, so you also save time and labor costs associated with the preparation of the mailing.

IMS Domestic Flats Mailing Services give you:

  • A time-sensitive, cost-efficient and reliable service
  • One simple airbill to complete
  • Free pickup of your material
  • Customized management reports
Qualifying material must contain printed matter that is generic in content. The only variables can be the recipient name, address and the cover letter.
Weight Restrictions:  Minimum weight 3 ounces, maximum weight 70 lbs.
Non-Qualifying Mail:  Material which is required by law to be mailed with first class postage such as invoices, statements, checks, personal correspondence, bills or any piece marked as First Class or with a First Class diamond border.