IMS Canada Services

IMS mailing services to Canada offer a full menu of lettershop and postal services, from which you can put together a customized “Canada Mailing Solution.”

Canada First Class

If your Canadian material requires rush handling, then IMS Canada First Class is your best choice. Our Canada First Class service guarantees that your mail will receive a first class Canadian postmark and no consolidation delays.

Canadian Addressed Admail

IMS Canada Mail meets the needs of the larger volume mailer who is looking for significant savings with presort discounts. This service is ideal for catalogs and direct mail items.

Canada Publications

IMS provides Canada Publication service for publishers with a subscriber base in Canada. This service offers a significant cost savings and efficient delivery of your monthly publications.

IMS Canada Parcel Services

IMS Canada Parcel Services deliver your door-to-door parcels into Canada. They are ideal for product fulfillment and distribution. We reduce the paperwork and processing, saving your company time and money. Through our operations partners, we provide faster delivery times and a substantial cost savings over the USPS.