International Mailing Solutions is all about mail. While our competitors’ focus is on ecommerce parcels, often leveraging mail volumes to keep their haulage costs down, we alone avoid the rush to specialize in parcel services. For over 23 years IMS has put the needs of it’s printed matter customers first, and we will continue to do so. We know nothing is more important to an international mail client than the knowledge that someone is focused on getting that letter or publication to where it needs to be in the most appropriate way, and at the best possible price.

Global events have made the last few years extraordinarily challenging, perhaps more than any before for our industry. Prices have soared as international transportation rates have hit new highs, and fuel surcharges have pushed mailers to the limits. Consequently, IMS has created a new business model that cuts costs without cutting corners to mitigate these global increases. We have entered into international partnerships with key distributors, who not only provide the traditional services we all need, but can add value by offering the very latest in digital print services too, opening up a whole new network of lower cost delivery options for our clients, by accessing services further downstream.

Why not call our one of our International Mail Representatives to find out how IMS can serve you better while you focus on messaging your customers, safe in the knowledge that your mail matters most to International Mailing Solutions, The Mail Specialists. Remember the difference is in the name!

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Our cost-effective solutions enhance your business because we ensure the delivery of your printed materials on time, within budget and in excellent condition. Make your job easier: consult the mailing experts at IMS.

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